Trying Something New

Trying something new is our constant challenge our lives. We can do it well or do it poorly. If we do it well, our life will flourish. If we mishandle this aspect of our lives, disaster will follow.

The challenge is to identify what is essentially good and healthy in our lives and then support it with resources that strengthen our lifestream.I have identified two separate challenges here. The first is to identify what is working in our lives. The second is choosing a new ingrediant to supplement that essence.

Of the two, the challenge of discovering what esentially good and healthy in our lives is always the most difficult. As this comes more clearly into view, choosing innovation wisely is not so difficult.Recognizing the essential requires honesty. This quality of habitual truthfulness is the key to managing our life. We can get started right now.

Mave a list of what you love. Make it medium long so that it can include various aspects of your life. There is a time to "examine what should be." This is not that time. Report to yourself the plain truth as it is.

Sleep on it. The next day revise your list. Add and subtract a seems right to you. We will do some useful things with this with my next blog. For now, just cultivate the habit of being truthful with yourself.


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